Aaron is known for his exterior sculpture: enlivening outdoor sculpture and indoor sculpture that transforms landscape: public and private. While any of Aaron’s large sculptures are suited for exterior/interior courtyards, patios, etc., most designs can be scaled-down for interior applications. These designs will enliven your site with an uplifting visual image. Graphically the work will read from a distance and up close. The pieces are engineered to be sturdy, safe, and virtually maintenance free. Aaron works in a variety of processes, methods and materials, in order to translate artistic intentions into the most engaging forms.

Art Materials and Benefits: Corten Steel is maintenance free, LEED certified material that is impervious to deterioration. It develops a pleasing warm rust color surface, at which point the internal makeup of the steel keeps the rust from going deeper, thus preserving the steel. Synthetic resin’s superior strength and ultra-violet stabilization is LEED certified and designed for outstanding exterior performance. Aaron uses eco-resin, which is a low-impact product made with a minimum of 40% to 100% re-cycled content. The material is shatter resistant. Pigments within resin are ultra violet resistant. His imagery within transparent resin interacts with light and casts shadows of color and pattern onto surroundings, a collaboration which adds surprise and discovery for viewers.
Powder coated steel and aluminum imparts vibrant or subtle color as desired.

Aaron’s sculpture and hand-pulled prints, made in the Monadnock Region next to historic Peterborough, NH are museum-quality and appear in the finest art shows in the country. Aaron Brown lives and works in Lyndeborough New Hampshire, a picturesque New England town.  Aaron is an American artist, inheriting his talent from a family of many illustrious artists. For example, his British grandmother ran away from an affluent marriage with her expensive silverware to become one of the early members of the Taos Modernist Art Movement. And one of her grandsons, Aaron’s cousin, in turn became a well-known silversmith.

Aarons sculpture “Order 1″ is receiving some acclaim and notoriety, having been chosen for the cover of the Guild Sourcebook of Art Edition 24


Top photo – Phoenix